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What are the benefits of membership?

With our ‘Mezz Spa’ membership you will enjoy monthly savings on your favorite treatments, EXCLUSIVE MEMBER ONLY offers throughout the year, and discounts off all your product purchases. The memberships are designed for any skin type at all stages of needed care….whether you are barely beginning your maintenance schedule or are in need of corrective treatments we have a membership for you.

How long is the membership?

The membership is 6 months Minimum. After 6 months, it automatically renews, until written notice.

How am I charged for the membership?

Your credit card is charged automatically between the first and the fifth day of every month. If you wish to pay for the total amount due (for 6 OR 12 months) upfront, you will receive additional 5% off the total balance.


$15 or $20 (Choose one, with $15 minimum) per each 1hour treatment.

$25 or $30 (Choose one, with $25 minimum) per Each 90-min Treatment.

Gratuities are due at the time of each service completion.

Do I receive any additional discounts on product or services?

Yes you will receive a discount on all products, and any service outside the membership. Discounts are 10% off all products, and 20% off all additional treatments.

The brochure has pricing for individual services, do I need to pay that amount?

No you are just charged the monthly fee for the membership you choose. The pricing in the brochure is to show you the savings you receive if you were to purchase those treatments without a membership.

Can I receive more than the services within my membership package?

Yes! All Mezz Spa members receive 'FREE' Infrared Sauna sessions (20-30 minute session per visit).

What if I am going to be out of town for more than a month or I miss my monthly treatment?

Yes, Mezz Spa Memberships include a rollover for total of 2 months, if needed.

What if I cancel my membership before it actually expires?

There's a $125 charge for all early Mezz Spa membership cancellations. there is a 30 day notice required to stop your monthly charge after 6 months fulfillment. After canceling your membership, we ask that you wait for at least 8 months before signing up again for membership at Mezz Spa.