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LED Light Therapy

Light emitting diodes or LED light therapy send a cascade of light that stimulates a response of cellular activity, accelerating healing, human tissue growth and skin rejuvenation. LED’s are effective in generating a response within living tissue because the packet of light activates or stimulates the ATP (adenosine triphosphate) with our body. ATP is a key chemical found in all living cells governing how our cells use energy thus an important factor in cell metabolism. This increased energy will prompt the skins fibroblast to produce collagen and stabilize elastin proteins along with stimulating a healing response by the body. As there is little or no heat generated from LED, there is no risk of damaging the tissue so it is ideal for therapeutic and anti aging purposes.

    Red Light activates skin cells and promotes blood circulation
    Blue Light is antibacterial and produces a single oxygen molecule that minimizes oil and acne bacteria
    Green Light improves pigmented lesions
    Yellow Light soothes, circulation stimulation and inhibition of inflammation

A LED light skin therapy plan will be custom tailored to your specific skin needs:

Time                 Price

30 minutes      $30

45 minutes      $45

60 minutes      $60

**Add to any facial treatment  15 minutes  $15