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Mother-To-Be Pampering

Mothers-to-be and new moms need special nurturing. Let us care for you with comforting spa services suitable for you in massage, bodywork, and skin care. Our caring team is eager to help you prepare for the joys and challenges ahead.

Please note: We do not perform any massage treatments on women before 12 weeks of pregnancy.



Nourish skin and calm the mind with this regenerating and smoothing treatment. Focused entirely on your personal needs, a gentle yet effective exfoliation to the back area is followed by a comforting body massage using a pure, unscented blend of deeply nurturing oils to safely target areas prone to stress and tension during or after pregnancy, plus alleviate muscular aches and pains. Finishing with a soothing and conditioning scalp massage, this blissful treatment will leave you feeling relaxed and restored. *Recommended for new moms or following the first trimester of pregnancy.


60 minute massage     $125

75 minute massage      $145

90 minute massage     $165



This Mezz Spa exclusive service uses organic products to exfoliate and moisturize based on your skin’s needs.  For those with more sensitive skin, a gentle sugar scrub with subtle fragrance exfoliates and is finished with a seasonal specially blended butter.


75 minutes package     $145


In this six-part body renewal ritual, the skin is brushed with warm loofah mitts, followed by a powerful exfoliation of bioactive white peat enzymes, sea minerals, and ripe antioxidant berries. The lymphatic system is then stimulated with the application of a soothing mushroom and phyto-nutrient mask. After showering with an organic purifying cleanser, your skin will be replenished with a fresh berry oil serum. Then a full-body massage of Arctic berry milk cream will encourage skin regeneration, hydration, and elasticity.


100 minutes package     $225




Refine your skin with this active, 100-percent natural, paraben-free, and results-oriented facial. The antioxidant-rich plant and marine extracts spirulina and kombucha bring balance to your skin while goji berry, white and green teas, and aloe hydrate. Using products that are defined in nature and refined by science, this facial will help to rapidly improve skin tone, texture, and clarity, as well as actively fight free radical damage.

60 minutes     $135



This certified organic facial is designed to deliver a surge of deep, nourishing hydration. An acupressure facial massage and intensive eye treatment help to firm the skin, increase circulation, and reduce toxicity. Your skin will look restored, healthy, and radiant.

60 minutes     $145





Revive weary muscles, ease chronic pain, deepen stretches and more with targeted bodywork sessions. Expert therapists use a mix of techniques to help you stand taller.

AVEDA Sensory Journey is included in every massage treatment.

Add a Sinus Relief "Facial" Massage to any body massage treatment
    (calming, stress-fix, uplifting)   10 minutes  $10
Add a Scalp Massage to any body massage treatment (calming, stress-fix, uplifting)   10 minutes   $10
Add a Cupping treatment to any body massage   30 minutes  $65



Considered to be the most universal of all massages. This technique helps reduce tension, increase circulation, and induces relaxation. Your therapist will utilize smooth, long strokes, with light to moderate pressure.  A timeless classic. Soothes aching muscles and improves overall flexibility.

60 minute massage    $90         

75 minute massage   $115       

90 minute massage   $140      

120 minute massage  $175




Deep finger pressure and slow strokes are used to release chronic tension and soreness throughout the body. Perfect for the tough customer.  

60 minute massage   $100        

75 minute massage   $125     

90 minute massage   $150     

120 minute massage  $195




Ground yourself in bliss with this unique hot stone experience. Relax as your therapist uses long, fluid movements to increase circulation and soothe tired and stressed muscles. Experience tension melting away as our warm, inspiring oils and heated basalt stones trace your muscles to help facilitate the healing therapy. Feel connected and balanced as this ritual brings you back to your core.Smooth basalt lava stones are heated to 200 degrees and used in this specialty massage treatment to promote muscle relaxation and stress relief.

90 minute massage   $165       

120 minute massage  $235     




Reflexology is a soul-scientific ancient Chinese blend of foot massage strokes, intended to stimulate circulation (got cold feet?), gear up the genki gateways, untangle sports-tortured tendons, bring balance back to even the most taxed traveler, and detox you down to the tips of your toes. This therapeutic session focuses pressure on the reflex zones of your feet, hands, and ears which correspond with organs and structures throughout your entire body.

30 minutes    $60     

60 minutes    $115

*Can be added on to any treatment.




Thirty minutes of intensive massage work on whatever muscles are mistreating you most.

30 minutes   $60



COUPLES 'sweet retreat'  MASSAGE

Double the pleasure and share the relaxation in one room with a loved one or someone special. A truly wonderful way to connect...

60 minute massage   $200

75 minute massage   $250

90 minute massage   $295

120 minute massage  $390


Have a favorite bottle of wine? Favorite decadent treat? Let us know and we will happily provide it for you to enjoy during your service. Or you can BYOB- bring your own beverage to enjoy and also feel free to bring your favorite music from your Ipod.

We can guarantee you will be in no hurry to move after your massage.



Got a function and you really want to wear that gorgeous skin-revealing number?  Then a body treatment is perfect for you!

Blended Essential Oil Body Treatments
The Earth’s timeless apothecary for healing is found in essential oils
Holistic therapeutic synergistic blends
Select from 6 health enhancing options    
**Truly, 100% Pure- no synthetic chemicals, no artificial fragrances, no preservatives, no alcohol or any other toxins.

Experience the healing benefits of nature’s medicine.

What does a THALASSOTHERAPY treatment do?

THALASSOTHERAPY is based on the traditions of European thalassotherapy, which includes a fresh 'AROMABODY TREATMENT', of your choice above, that is warmed to body temperature and then smoothed over the body.

The body is then wrapped in a warm, thermal blanket to help relieve stress and invigorate sore, stiff muscles. A rain shower completes this experience, leaving you newly recharged and balanced.



Steam shower 

60 minutes $110

Includes AVEDA Sensory Journey


ADORATION COCONUT LIME:  Adoration is reputed for encouraging warm adoration for those around you. Delicious Coconut Lime body scrub instantly makes your skin soft, smooth, healthy, glowing and vibrant. Highly concentrated with skin nourishing ingredients and powerful anti-aging antioxidants and vitamins.

ALIGN LAVENDER CHAMOMILE:  A sense of calm and well-being for moments of anxiety and unease. Promotes tranquility and a sense of balance. Chamomile Lavender body scrub instantly makes your skin soft, smooth, healthy, glowing and vibrant. Highly concentrated with skin nourishing ingredients and powerful anti-aging antioxidants and vitamins.


BALANCE LEMONGRASS JASMINE:  Promotes stability and centering. Delicious Lemongrass Jasmine body scrub instantly makes your skin soft, smooth, healthy, glowing and vibrant. This Juicy and Invigorating Body Scrub smoothes away bumps and flakes for incredibly soft skin. Fruit Oils deeply moisturize while anti-aging vitamins and antioxidants nourish.


SENSATION GRAPEFRUIT BERGAMOT:  Promotes sensuality. Delicious Grapefruit Bergamot body scrub instantly makes your skin soft, smooth, healthy, glowing and vibrant. This Juicy and Invigorating Body Scrub smoothes away bumps and flakes for incredibly soft skin. Fruit Oils deeply moisturize while anti-aging vitamins and antioxidants nourish. Fruit Acids brighten gently for a healthy glow.


REPLENISH BROWN SUGAR VANILLA BEAN Restore all your senses, while you relax. Promotes overall sense of well being. Abandon yourself to the warm, seductive aroma of vanilla bean. Sweet and sultry, this polish will relax both your mind and your body. Macadamia nut oils custom blended to give your skin a delicate glow.

RENEW ROSEMARY MINT:  Promotes immunity enhancing properties and renews body and soul. Fresh Rosemary Mint body scrub instantly makes your skin soft, smooth, healthy, glowing and vibrant. Highly concentrated with skin nourishing ingredients and powerful anti-aging antioxidants and vitamins. Organic rosehip and apricot oils deeply moisturize and nourish.




Burn fat, lose inches, and improve the appearance of cellulite. the infrared body wrap can help you burn up to 900-1500 calories! Utilitizing infared rays, the far infrared body wrap also increases the metabolism, improves circulation, reduces stress and fatigue, and releases toxins.  

60 minutes $115        

- No Side Effects, Far Infrared Slimming Suit

- Cellular Detoxification

- Weight Loss

- Health Benefits

* Please arrive wearing sweats, skin should be completely covered in clothing during this treatment. We recommend bringing second set of clothes to change into after this treatment. Shower included.



The Infrared Body Wrap System is a system that uses short and long infrared waves to create a condition known as "Thermolypolysis".  Using either the ThermoJet Infrared Body Wrap technology or the Infrared Blanket the infrared filaments bathe you evenly with deep, penetrating heat.  You will see and feel the difference after just one session!  The purpose of this infrared body wrap is to get heat into the body, thin the blood, bring metabolism back into the "cold spots" and melt the fat tissue down.  Like heating butter in a frying pan, it liquifies the fat, converts it to calories and puts it back into the blood stream so your body can convert it into energy.

Infared Body Wrap Treatments are very comfortable and relaxing.

Thermolipolysis occurs when the body, being heated from the inside out, is no longer able to cool itself through perspiration.  It is in this state when the body is forced to spend it's stock of excess fat and water reserves. The increased thermolipolytic action of infrared works from the deep fat layers to the superficial tissue layers (dermis).  The breakdown of fats into a more liquid form allows the secretion of excess bodily water, toxins, and fat as you perspire.

This treatment is different from other 'wrap' treatments that only allow for elimination of excess water.

As you relax in the "surround-sound" heat, being provided by the infrared wrap system, your body is actually hard at work producing sweat, pumping blood, and burning calories.  According to The Journal of the American Medical Association, in a single infrared wrap session you may burn as many calories as you would rowing or jogging for 30 minutes.  The heat that it creates will help increase a person's metabolism for the next 24 to 36 hours. So basically you burn calories not only during your wrap, but for at least a day to a day and a half afterwards!

Can it replace a diet? Never!!! A sensible diet can help you maintain a healthy weight. Infrared acts effectively on targetting those stubborn areas that diet and exercise just don't seem to be able to reach.

Is the treatment specifically for women? NO, definitely not!! Both men and women can benefit with the Infrared Body Wrap treatments.

Heat Therapy for Pain Relief


Q: Is it new?

A: Infrared has been in use in Europe for more than 25 years and in the States for over 15 now … millions of treatments have been performed.

Q: Is it painful?

 A: No, not at all. Infrared is a soothing, healing heat source. The intensity of your treatment is regulated by the therapist and generates a feeling of warmth, comfort and relaxation. Most clients fall asleep during their wrap.

Q: Does it help with cellulite?

A: Cellulite is primarily water-logged, toxin-ridden fatty tissue areas. Cellulite is a gel-like substance made up of fat, water and toxic waste, which are trapped in pockets below the skin. Due to at least twice the depth of heat penetration into cellulite combined with up to 10 times the level of heating in these tissues, Infrared can be significantly more effective for flushing of these toxic build-up areas than any other conventional heat treatment. Profuse sweating helps clear this form of unwanted debris from the body.

As the toxins are released during the wrap, the fluid used to suspend those impurities will also be released. The less debris stored and the less fluid retained to suspend the particles, the less lumpiness under the surface of the skin. Your skin will have a smoother and flatter appearance as your body releases these impurities.

Q: Do I need a Doctors permission?

 A: If you are on medication or have a physical or medical condition, please talk to your doctor and get clearance.

Q: Will I need more than one wrap?

A: If you are trying to reach a certain size, trying to reduce the appearance of cellulite or if you are trying to tighten loose skin that is a result from weight loss, then you should come in twice a week until your goals are reached.

Q:  How long will the inches stay off?

A: Body Wraps work by eliminating the excessive accumulations of toxins and fluids stored under the skin. Most people experience inch reduction for 3 to 6 months, assuming of course they don’t gain weight. Maintenance wraps once every month or two will keep and accentuate your inch loss as you will detoxify with each wrap.

Q: What is Far Infrared (FIR)?

A: FIR infrared ray energy is a part of the natural light spectrum of sunlight, minus the skin damaging UV. FIR Heat Therapy allows increased blood circulation to carry greater amounts of nutrients to the skin, thus promoting healthy tone, texture, and mild skin cleansing.

 Q: How does the Radiant Wrap work?

A: Step 1 in the Infrared system creates a barrier on the skin, called the “second skin”, that when combined with the Far Infrared Blanket forces the body to convert stored fat into the “extra” energy required for perspiration to break through the “second skin”.

Q: How does the Infrared System provide the same effects of exercise?

A: In a 60 minute session, the body receives a workout similar to a 6-mile run and perspires the same amount as a 6-mile run. It is ideal for those who do not have time for regular exercise.

Q: How does the Infrared System control weight?

A: Perspiring is part of the complex thermo-regulatory process of the body that increases the heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate. The process requires a large amount of energy and reduces excess moisture, salt and subcutaneous fat. Fat becomes water soluble at 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q: How does theInfrared System improve the immune system?

A: Most illnesses are accompanied by a fever. The body heats up to eliminate viruses and attack foreign agents. This rise in temperature is one of the best ways to rid the body of chemicals and unwanted bacterial growth. Far infrared heat induces an “artificial fever” by heating up the body without the pains of an illness. As a result, the body protects itself much more easily because the immune system is activated by the “artificial fever”.

Preparing for a wrap

Q: Is there anything special I should do when getting a body wrap?

A: Please be sure to eat a full high protein, low carb meal 60-90 minutes prior to treatment and drink 4-6 glasses of water during the day until your appointment time. Eating is not recommended during the 3 hours following the treatment. Do not run or exercise, or use a treadmill for at least 4 hours after the treatment.

Q: How should I prepare?

A: Please make sure your body is adequately hydrated. Drink plenty of water for a couple of days prior to your wrap and plan to sip water continually throughout the rest of the day after your body wrap to continue the flushing process.

Q: What do I need to wear?

A: Women need to bring a change of undergarments, panties and bra. You will want to change into dry undergarments after your body wrap. You're welcome to shower before and/or after the wrap at Mezz Spa.

Q: What about soaps, oils and lotions before the body wrap?

A: It is best to not use any lotions or oils on your skin the day of your body wrap. Mineral oils and lotions and some other oils will reduce the efficacy of the essential oils used in the body wrap lessening your results.

Q: How much time should I allow?

A: The entire process takes approx. 60 minutes.

Q: How often can I get a body wrap?

A: The body wrap is a safe and effective process that may be done as often as you wish. For inch loss results, we have found that a series of 6 to 12 wraps-performed twice or three times a week gives most clients the best results. Waiting too long in between wraps means that each wrap is just detoxifying your body from what was introduced since your last wrap. By getting wraps closer together your results are cumulative.  If you are losing weight, a continuing series of treatments will show results and help tighten the skin to your new shape. For maintenance we recommend coming in every 6-8 weeks, this helps to clear your body of toxins and decrease the need for storing fat.

Q:  How long does it last?

A: As long as you maintain your weight (or lose weight), the lost inches will stay off if you lead a very clean lifestyle. Bear in mind that in everyday life we continue to take in toxins through chemicals and preservatives absorbed daily through the air we breathe, the foods and drinks we consume, and the products we use on our bodies. As previously noted, the wrap is removing toxins, so introducing toxic substances back into your body could reverse the effects.

During your post-consultations we give instructions to help maintain your results. We recommend reducing the amounts of toxins and reducing or avoiding salt, sugar, fried foods, alcohol, caffeine and other highly toxic foods. Regular exercise will also delay the re-toxification process and prolong your inch-loss results.

We recommend drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day, especially on the days following each wrap to continue the detoxification process through the body’s natural elimination system. Flushing your system this way will ultimately aid in detoxification and weight loss.


SKIN PEELS - PCA Skin, GMC Medical

You may have heard of them before. Perhaps have seen TV show interpretations of skin peels and are now a bit trepidatious about having one yourself. Don’t be. And we’ll tell you why.

First and foremost, Mezz Spa will arrange a complimentary skin consultation prior to all peel treatments to determine if peels are appropriate for you and if so, which type would best benefit your skin needs.

What is a skin peel?

Mezz Spa’s peel technique involves applying a natural peeling product or solution which effectively removes the damaged outer layers of skin.

Why are peels beneficial?

Peels improve the overall appearance of the skin, targeting skin conditions such as:

    hyper pigmentation / sun damage
    photo aging
    acne scarring

During a peel, the exfoliating process stimulates cellular rejuvenation which improves the tone and texture of the skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, minimizes pore size and a produces a visibly more balanced complexion.

We recommend regular bi-weekly treatments to achieve the best results.

Peel Options - 60 minutes; BUY 7 get 1 FREE                                    

PCA Sensi Peel (TCA Peel) $150      

PCA Peel (Jessner) $150      

PCA Ultra Peel I (TCA Peel) $150      

Ultra Hydrating Peel II (Retinol) $100

Esthetique Peel (Retinol) $100      

Pumpkin Peel Treatment (Salicylic Acid) $135      

Oxygenating Trio $100 *(Oxygenating trio (Hydrating/safe for pregnant/lactating women)



PCA Ultra Peel II        Booster to all Peels
This advanced hydrating treatment will encourage additional flaking and peeling, and may be used alone or on top of any other PCA SKIN chemical peel to produce a tightening and brightening effect. It is a cream mask containing natural phytohormones which plump, hydrate and moisturize aging skin. The retinol (vitamin A) content helps increase cell turnover to keep skin looking fresh, while vitamin C strengthens the skin by helping to increase the skin’s collagen and elastin network. Ultra Peel II works well on all skin types and conditions.
**Add to PCA Peel $35

PCA Esthetique Peel  Booster to all Peels
Esthetique Peel is an excellent choice for smoothing, firming and brightening all skin types even extra-sensitive skin, including rosacea. Its advanced formulation of lactic acid, retinol, and a host of polyphenols, antioxidants, vitamins, brightening ingredients and humectants, smoothes, tightens and improves the texture of skin. It also helps correct many types of skin discoloration.
**Add to PCA Peel $35

*Skin Peel Preparation and Tips
Preparation for a Peel or Treatment 

We prefer that you use PCA SKIN daily care products prior to your peel, this will prepare the skin and allow for better treatment results and reduce the risk of complications. This is recommended not mandatory.
If you are lactating, pregnant or may be pregnant, only the Oxygenating Trio Treatment is appropriate.
DO NOT tan two weeks prior to treatment. It is recommended that extended exposure to the sun be avoided especially 10 days prior to treatment.
It is recommended that you delay use of Retin-A, Renova, Differin, Tazorac, Avage, EpiDuoTM, Ziana and high-percentage AHA and BHA products for approximately 3 days prior to treatment.

POST - Treatment Tips

After receiving a PCA SKIN professional Treatment you should not necessarily expect to "peel", a light sloughing (light flaking) in a few localized areas for 3 to 5 days and residual redness for approximately one to 12 hours post treatment or peel is possible.
As with all peels and treatments, it is recommended that makeup not be applied the day of the treatment, as it is ideal to allow the skin to stabilize and rest overnight; however, any mineral Makeup may be applied 30 minutes after the treatment if desired.
It is recommended that other topical, over the counter medications or AHA and BHA products not be applied to the skin for 5 days post procedures, as they may cause irritation.
It is recommended that you delay use of Retin-A, Renova, Differin, Tazorac, Avage, EpiDuoTM, Ziana and high-percentage AHA and BHA products for approximately 3 days post-procedure.
Avoid all direct sun exposure and excessive heat. Use Perfecting Protection SPF 30, Hydrator Plus SPF 30, Protecting Hydrator SPF 30 or Active Very Water/Sweat Resistant SPF 45 for broad-spectrum UV protection DAILY.
Do not use a tanning bed for 2 weeks after a peel or treatment.
Do not pick or pull at loosening or peeling skin. This could potentially cause hyper pigmentation.
Do not have electrolysis, waxing, laser, sugaring, or the use of dilatory products on the treated area, for 7 days.

Intensive Anti-Aging Facials: Clinical PCA Skin, GMC Medical

  • Instant "lifted" looking skin
  • Visibly reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improved skin tone and elasticity

*Guaranteed very visible & immediate results



Recommended for all skin types


Duration: 60 minutes

A hydrating clinical treatment, creating a cooling effect on the skin to revitalize, moisturize, and soothe. Its thermo-cooling effect on the skin makes it a remarkable revitalizing treatment particularly for reducing the visible appearance of redness.

ALGOMASK+ offers instant radiance and long-lasting hydration.

  • Tones the skin by moisturizing, provides instant radiance, and reduces visibly redness.
  • Maintains the level of hydration.
  • Hydrates, soothes, and revitalizes.


Recommended for all skin types

VISIBLE SIGNS OF AGING - botox-like effect, without any needles

Duration: 60 minutes

G.M. Collin’s signature age-defying treatment.  This innovative, clinically proven procedure combines five peptides including Matrixyl®3000, MyoxinolTM, Argireline®, and Retinol.

This relaxing treatment session offers pleasant textures and exquisite essences delivering an overall sense of well-being. An ideal treatment for people determined to mask the signs of aging.


  • After just one treatment, expression lines appear relaxed
  • Lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced
  • The skin appears visibly younger


Recommended for all skin types


Duration:  90 minutes

Hydrating age-defying treatment

With age, the cellular renewal process is delayed. Facial contours lose their definition and the skin appears to sag. Collagen 90-II is an exclusive age-defying treatment by G.M. Collin Skin Care that associates a pure native collagen sheet with selected ingredients, to provide intense hydration, firm the skin, and reduce the appearance of aging.

Collagen 90-II is a highly respected and sought-after age-defying skin renewing treatment that hydrates, smoothes and tones wrinkles to combat the visible signs of aging.

This treatment improves the overall complexion by minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It restores moisture, leaving the skin well hydrated and radiant.



Recommended for all skin types


A clinical treatment that includes four progressive steps that work in synergy to cleanse, hydrate, revitalize, and firm the skin.

Perfect before a special event, wedding or public appearance.


Improves the appearance of lines and wrinkles

Moisturizes and improves the skin's elasticity for a more radiant skin

Moisturizes and rejuvenates the look of the skin


Duration:  60 minutes



Recommended for normal, oily or acne skin types


This revolutionary treatment is designed to clear skin, revitalize fatigued, stressed and dull skin. Specifically recommended for oily, acne-prone skin.

A 5-step treatment, with a unique Oxygen Complex and Patented Anti-Microbial Peptidess, purifies and deeply hydrates to restore the skin’s natural radiance and glow.

The skin becomes luminous, moisture-balanced and younger-looking.

All products are color-free, paraben-free, alcohol-free, and fragrance-free.


Duration: 60 minutes



Recommended for all skin types, except for excessively dehydrated/irritated skin


A powerful age-defying skin care designed to delay the visible signs of aging and energize the skin.

Formulated with marine and vegetal ingredients (Vitamin C Concentrate, Algae Biomatrix Patches, and Thermal Organic Mud).

This treatment is exceptional for both pre and post-sun exposure.  Ideal for people who live in urban areas with high pollution levels.


Reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles

Evens out skin tone

Illuminates the skin, thus restoring its youthful appearance


Duration:  60 minutes



Waxing is an amazing way to temporarily remove unwanted hair. Shaving only removes the hair from the surface while waxing removes the entire hair from the root.

What happens during waxing?

Warm wax is applied to the surface of the skin which then wraps around the hair, removing it directly from the root.
In fact, continuous waxing, over time, causes the hair bulb to weaken which makes the hair softer, finer, and easier to remove.

How long does waxing last?

Waxing lasts from 2 to 6 weeks, depending on your individual hair regrowth. Doing regular waxing will increase the gap in between sessions.



Eyebrow Shaping $15

Upper Lip $12

Chin $12

Cheeks $15

Full Face $35

Chest $40+

Underarms $18

Full Arms $40

Half Arms $30

Hands $8

Feet $8

Stomach $50+

Upper Legs $45+

Lower Legs $35

½ Leg & Bikini $65

½ Leg & Brazilian $80

Full Legs $70

Full Legs & Bikini $85

Full Legs & Brazilian $110

Bikini $35+

Brazilian $60+