Tired, aching muscles have you all wound up?

Come unwind in our candle-filled spa relaxation rooms where your aches and pains are massaged away as you are lulled to sleep by the soothing sounds of serenity.



AVEDA Sensory Journey is included in every massage treatment.


Considered to be the most universal of all massages. This technique helps reduce tension, increase circulation, and induces relaxation. Your therapist will utilize smooth, long strokes, with light to moderate pressure.  A timeless classic. Soothes aching muscles and improves overall flexibility.

60 minute massage    $90         

75 minute massage   $105         

90 minute massage   $135        

120 minute massage  $175



Deep finger pressure and slow strokes are used to release chronic tension and soreness throughout the body. Perfect for the tough customer.  

60 minute massage   $100        

75 minute massage   $115        

90 minute massage   $145       

120 minute massage  $185



Ground yourself in bliss with this unique hot stone experience. Relax as your therapist uses long, fluid movements to increase circulation and soothe tired and stressed muscles. Experience tension melting away as our warm, inspiring oils and heated basalt stones trace your muscles to help facilitate the healing therapy. Feel connected and balanced as this ritual brings you back to your core.Smooth basalt lava stones are heated to 200 degrees and used in this specialty massage treatment to promote muscle relaxation and stress relief.

90 minute massage   $165       

120 minute massage  $235


This bump-friendly version of our Simple & Heavenly massage helps maxed-out moms-to-be relax and relieve tired muscles, tension, swelling, overstretched and itchy skin, and sluggish circulation. (After the first trimester only.)

Please note: We do not perform any massage treatments on women before 12 weeks of pregnancy.

60 minute massage    $90        

75 minute massage    $105       

90 minute massage   $135     



Reflexology is a soul-scientific ancient Chinese blend of foot massage strokes, intended to stimulate circulation (got cold feet?), gear up the genki gateways, untangle sports-tortured tendons, bring balance back to even the most taxed traveler, and detox you down to the tips of your toes. This therapeutic session focuses pressure on the reflex zones of your feet, hands, and ears which correspond with organs and structures throughout your entire body.

30 minutes    $60     

60 minutes    $115

*Can be added on to any treatment.



Thirty minutes of intensive massage work on whatever muscles are mistreating you most.

30 minutes   $60


Add a Sinus Relief "Facial" Massage to any body massage treatment
    (mint, lavender and eucalyptus essential oils used) *pick one
    10 minutes  $10

Add a Scalp Massage to any body massage treatment (aromatherapy oils)   10 minutes   $10

Add a Cupping Massage to any body massage treatment    30 minutes  $65

COUPLES 'sweet retreat'  MASSAGE

Double the pleasure and share the relaxation in one room with a loved one or someone special. A truly wonderful way to connect...

60 minute massage   $200

75 minute massage   $230

90 minute massage   $290

120 minute massage  $370

Have a favorite bottle of wine? Favorite decadent treat? Let us know and we will happily provide it for you to enjoy during your service. Or you can BYOB- bring your own beverage to enjoy and also feel free to bring your favorite music from your Ipod.

We can guarantee you will be in no hurry to move after your massage.