Voted 1 Organic Tanning Solution in U.S.A by Allure Magazine, 99% organic with a natural light brown sugar-vanilla aroma. Lavish Tan’s apple-sugar derived solution gives an even, natural bronzed color result. No orange undertones - guaranteed.
As featured in: Next Top Model, Cosmopolitan, Vanderpump Rules, Glamour, Allure, Vanity Fair.

We now provide a UV-free, custom sunless airbrush tanning made of organic, paraben-free, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients. Our mission every day is to provide every client with a natural looking, hand-applied spray tan that is perfectly customized to your individual skin type and personal preference, as well as the education needed to get premium results.

Using state-of-the-art equipment and a certified technician, our custom tanning solutions leave you with a natural looking, beautiful, streak-free, and orange-free tan. You can achieve a flawless golden glow, a beautiful bronzed, a deep dark brown and everything in between. All of the terrible myths of spray tanning are now put to rest at Mezz Spa!


Standard Custom Airbrush Tan

  • Allow a minimum of 5-hours before showering

  • Fragrance Free

  • Paraben Free

  • 99% Organic

  • Contouring Included

  • Price:


Express Custom Airbrush Tan

  • Allow a minimum of 3-4 hours before showering

  • Fragrance Free

  • Paraben Free

  • 99% Organic

  • Contouring Included

  • Price:


Partial Tanning

  • Lower Body (Waist Down)


  • Upper Body (Face Included)


  • Tan Line Correction


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  1. Thoroughly exfoliate and shave prior to your tan.

  2. Avoid wearing make up, moisturizers, and deodorant to your appointment, as this acts as a barrier to the spray and stops the color from developing properly.

  3. Wear dark colored, loose fitting clothing and sandals after your tanning session.

  4. Schedule workouts, waxing & manicure/pedicure appointments BEFORE your tanning appointment.


after your tan

  1. Do not shower, or get wet for 5-7 hours following your appointment. For Lavish Tan Express, allow 2-4 hours before showering.

  2. After your first shower, moisturize using a paraben-free lotion at least twice daily for a minimum of 1 week. Keeping moisturized ensures an even, flawless fade. Lavish Tan Extending Moisturizer is recommended.

  3. Avoid chlorinated jacuzzis, saunas, and steam rooms.

  4. Limit the amount of intense physical activity for a longer lasting tan.

  5. Taking cool short showers and avoiding baths are recommended.

  6. Avoid using scrubs and scented body wash. (Scrub before your spray tan appointment)

  7. Apply an oil-free sunscreen before sun exposure. Lavish Tan solution does not contain UV protection.



How long will my lavish tan last?

A Lavish Tan will last anywhere from 7-10 days, on average. The amount of physical activity, after care, and proper preparation for the tan are all factors of how many days one can expect their tan to last.


Never. This a very unique brown-sugar based solution derived from apples. The brown sugar base ensures golden brown color eliminating all possibilities of an orange tone. Most all other solutions on the market contain beat or carrot fermented extracts, which is where the orange tones and unpleasant scent stem from. We guarantee the highest quality, golden-brown results.

what if I have very fair skin?

The Lavish Tan signature solution will react naturally with each specific skin tone. Airbrush technician will custom blend a formulation specific to each client's natural base color. However, if it is your first time tanning, or you have an extremely fair complexion, we suggest choosing a lighter tone to ensure satisfaction. Very fair-complexed individuals may require a follow up session 12-24 hours later.

when should i schedule my wax & mani/pedi?

Scheduling your manicure before your Spray Tan appointment is recommended. You can still schedule a mani/pedi after your spray tan without effecting the results of your tan as long as you don't get wet or it's after your first shower following your spray tan appointment.

Waxing appointment should be scheduled before your Lavish Tan appointment. You can still shave after your spray tan appointment, just be sure to use a fresh, new blade to keep your tan looking vibrant! 

can I tan during pregnancy?

Lavish Tan's signature brown sugar solution is 99% organic. The solution has been safely used on women during pregnancy for over 10 years. However, we still suggest consulting with your doctor beforehand.

how many days should I tan before my wedding?

For all the brides to be, we suggest scheduling your appointment 2-3 days before the big day. You'll want to be sure to shower at least 3 times before the wedding date. This will ensure all the bronzer is completely rinsed out of your pores to avoid any color rubbing onto your dress. We recommend a light, natural color for brides.


 SOME OF THE OTHER AMAZING THINGS about Lavish Tan, its Founder Kelsey:

Our Story

Lavish Tan™ was founded in 2005, when every solution on the market was totally orange and smelled awful. I worked at a high-end salon in Beverly Hills throughout college where my spray tan career began. Paris Hilton, Heidi Klum, Lindsay Lohan and so many other celebrities who were clients of the salon were paying $250+ per spray tan and looked totally orange! I thought, "If people are spending so much money and still can't get a good spray tan, where can you get one?" I realized the problem was the solution. This is when my quest to create the perfect solution began.

The idea came from the oxidization process of a banana. You leave a banana on the counter, it turns brown over time. Why not replace the orange ingredient, the beta carotene, with something that's brown? I took this idea to a cosmetic chemist I found through Linkedin, who was previously employed by Neutrogena, worked side-by-side with him for 9 months and eventually created Lavish Tan™ Signature Solution in 2010. In the end, the banana idea didn't work, but the oxidization of an apple worked! The color of our solution is naturally brown, customizable and also smells AMAZING!

We currently work with over 3800 salons across U.S., Canada, UK, Mexico & Sweden.

Try us to see first hand what makes our solution so special!